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Reggie on FOX News! Watch the video here!!!

Watch the interview that has all of Reggie’s blog talking as FOX News 26 interviews Reggie Bibbs. Damali Keith revisits Reggie to see how he has adjusted to life now that he has taken his disorder, neurofibromatosis, yo the public through his “Just Ask!” campaign.

There’s even an appearrance by Lou and some of his staff!


I hope this link works. if not, go to and search for Reggie Bibbs.

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Reggie’s Blog Passes 28,000 visits! Correction: 30,000 Visits! 32,000!!!

1177763205_27435df9801.jpgbrianreggie.jpg873903763_592f7efd93_s.jpg376702630_0e7ac2eb0e_o.jpgreggiebibbswhoami2.jpgmy-posse_2.jpgfiesta.jpgwelcome-to-minute-maid.jpg376701803_3142b86ab3_s1.jpgReggie and Mom in “Just Ask!” t-shirt.reggiestill.jpgbigredheart1.jpgloureg2.jpgamanda1.jpg376702462_884115d624_s.jpg481662125_fb805462622.jpg

Over 170,000 people have visited his website that went live in December, 2006.

Over 28,000 people have visited his blog since he started it in February, 2007, with over 150 posts and over 1,700 comments.

Reggie has posted close to 2,000 photos of him and his new friends on his Flickr page with over 29,000 views!

YouTube has recorded over 10,000 views of his videos and PSAs.

Not a bad way to increase awareness of neurofibromatosis, Reggie!

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Tonight I hope you can join me and watch my interview, on FOX26 NEWS. It should air around 9:00pm I was happy that FOX26 gave me the air time, so that I can share my story. Damali Keith interviewed me and was very nice. Like I always say, “Make it a Tremendous Day.” I look forward to your comments.

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