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Houston Roller Derby Rocked Last Night!

3455612059_99d01f17ca_b3455545491_a95cd098c6_bMistilla and Carmen Geddit were awesome last night! They were the last two jams of the night with the Psych Ward Sirens down by 10 or so points. What they did in the last two minutes of the match reminded me what Eli Manning did in the last 3456355096_91efa1b1f7two minutes of the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. They brought their team back with poise, concentration, talent and heart!!! What a finish!!!!


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Houston Roller Derby Crawfish Boil, 4/4/09

3413862470_227e9d1384_bToday Lo3413850234_cba4562082_bu and I went out to the Houston Roller Derby Crawfish Boil to help support the HRD. We had a great time supporting our friends. They have been really supportive to Neurofibromatosis, I want to help support them for everything they are doing for us. And because they are so wonderful!

I also met a lot of new friends as well.  Everyone I met tonight had the oppertunity to JUST ASK about NF, which is hard to do when at the derby.  This was a great way to spread awareness of NF. Great friends and a very super time. Enjoy the photos we have posted.  Leave comments on the blog and photos as well.

See you at the Roller Derby!


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Houston Roller Derby Crawfish Boil, Sat, 4/4/09

Crawfish_HRDFlyer.pdfThis is going to be a lot of fun!

Come early, stay late!

All the Derby Girls will be there!


Dunk a Dementia!

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Bayou City Bosses Fundraiser at Buffalo Fred’s Icehouse

Lou and I had an incredible time at the Bayou City Bosses Fundraiser last Saturday!

Everyone came up to us and said hi and posed for photos. I think Lou has a thing for Audiomind because he sure took enough photos of her!!! : >

Enjoyed talking with some of my favorite skaters including Carmen Geddit, Death by Chocolate, Sinista Sista, Mistilla the Killa, Audiomind and all the rest too numerrous to mention.

The next match is June 8th and Lou and I already have our tickets!!! If you’re interested in going, get your tickets today as they’re only going to sell 300 of them!

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Psych Ward Sirens Win Houston Roller Derby Championship!!!

The Sirens win it!!!1683567053_78dcbcc470.jpg1684543340_44a5d5a60c.jpgLast night, Lou and I went to the Verizon Theater to watch our favorite sport, Houston Roller Derby, and I gotta tell you, it was incredible!!! We saw some of the most intense skating we have ever seen. All the skaters were pumped up and ready to leave it all out on the track.

1684560272_dd416127142.jpg1684355870_c56a01edb2.jpg1683506533_065b07468d.jpgMistilla the Killa was a woman possessed!!! In the second half near the end when the score was almost tied, she broke the game wide open with an incredible jam that put the Bosses away for good. Dementia was the last jammer of the evening and sewed up the win for the Sirens with a perfect jam!!!
If you haven’t experienced Houston Roller Derby yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Last night was the last match for this season so you’ll probably need to wait till next year when the league starts again. I know I can’t wait!!!


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Last night’s Houston Roller Derby action was the best I have ever seen. Lou and I were close to the action on the floor and almost had a couple ladies land in our lap. Maybe we’ll be luckier next time!

All of the teams did a terrific job. I had no idea how much talent and physical strength you need to be a skater until we sat up close. You can see all the action that’s going on, not just what the jammer is doing.


I saw Beverly Kills throw a block on one skater that I felt this morning!

What I really like about Houston Roller Derby is that the skaters will come up to you and talk to you and thank you for coming! The famous skaters Dementia, Mistilla the killa and Jekyl & Heidi (they’re all famous in my head) were very nice to me and took lots of photos with me. The roller derby ladies make me feel like they are my fan, just as much as I am a fan to them. If you want to feel like you have a fan, all you have to do is go to one game. You will be hooked. Believe me you will enjoy the game. I always enjoy myself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Colonel is crazy!!!

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Houston Roller Derby

Hey friends, I want to make sure all of you know about Sunday’s Roller Derby Bout.

I will be there for sure. These ladies need our support. They are tough in the ring, but when you meet them, you can really see how kind they are.

I don’t know of any sport where the stars of the game treat the fans like they are the stars.Houston Roller DerbyHouston Roller Derby And by no means this is an attack on the other sports I enjoy watching. Everyone at the Houston Roller Derby has been extremely supportive of me and my mission and I’m happy to be able to return the favor. I look forward to seeing all the fans tomorrow! It’s going to be TREMENDOUS!!! (SEE BELOW FOR ALL THEDETAILS!!!) Continue reading

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Houston Roller Derby Stars at Tomball Event, Aug 3!

tomball.gifOne of the best sporting events in Houston, in my opinion, is the Houston Roller Derby at Verizon Theater. I have been at least three times, and all I have to say you must go if you haven’t been. If you think it’s all fake and everything is rehearsed, think again. These ladies are tough!!! And some of them are real mothers! (No joke intended.)

I have enjoyed every game. They really treat the fans like they are the stars. I’m building quite a collection of photos with a lot of the team members. I still haven’t taken photos of everyone yet. Luckily, all of the team members are very accessible before and after the matches to talk, sign autographs, take photos and hang with audience members.

Hope to see you at one of the bouts. I know I will be attending as many bouts as possible.

Their next match isn’t until the third Sunday in August at the Verizon Theater downtown but many Houston Roller Derby members will be at the 35th Annual Tomball Night
in Tomball!

This would be a great opportunity to come meet and talk with your favorite Houston Roller Derby stars! I’m hoping to get a complete list of all planning to attend so as soon as I get that, I’ll post it here!

Here’s all the important details:

Date: Friday, August 3rd
Time: 5pm – ??
Cost: FREE- so come hang out!
Where: Bob’s Wild West
Address: 400 W. Main, Tomball
Directions: Take 249 North, turn Right on Main
Fun, Food, Music, Prizes, and Fireworks!

See ya’ll there!

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Houston Roller Derby Queens – Mistilla the Killa and DeMentia!!!


I don’t want to show any favoritism or anything but I really, really enjoy Mistilla the Killa and DeMentia! Mistilla says in her blog to “tell somebody how beautiful they are” and that’s what I’m saying here. Mistilla and DeMentia are beautiful inside and out! And they made me feel great by being so nice.

It is easy to see that they are totally into the entire roller derby experience and really enjoy themselves. I love their attitude and I love the photos they took with me.

824932426_235010efc8_m1.jpgLou took this photo of Mistilla as the second half was about to begin. M.T.K. was stretching and getting ready to kick butt! I love the caption that Lou wrote for the photo, “Let me in, Coach! I promise I won’t kill anybody this time!!”

I want to invite everyone who comes to this blog to come to the next Houston Roller Derby event. Tickets are dirt cheap and the event lasts a long time. $15 at the door. Doors open at 5pm. Matches start at 6pm. The next match is on Sunday, August 19 at the Verizon Theater downtown!

Please come and I promise you’ll have a great time!!!

In the mean time, here are some blogs to go to so you’ll know some of the players before you get there!!!

Mistilla the Killa
Carmen Geddit
Beverly Kills
Mary Choppins
Ellie McFierce
Private Beenjammin

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