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Heroes at Firestation 59!I just got home from visiting my friends at Fire Station #59 on 13925 S. Post Oak at Prudence, in Houston!

All I can say is wow! It was TERRIFIC!!

The men and women at Station 59 really helped my family out during my brother Ronnie’s illness and I am so appreciative of the help and compassion they provided!

Just know that you are never alone when you have incredible people like these guys just a phone call away!!!

God bless you, all of you!!!

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Most of you may have heard me speak of my older brother Ronald. We call him Ronnie. Ronnie is the third son of mom and dad. I have other sisters and brothers, you will hear about them at some point. I want to tell you a little about Ronnie. Ronnie is another reason I started this site. My brother and I are the only males in the family with nf. Well its only one male now. My brother Ronnie went home to be with the Lord in September of last year. We miss him so very much. I have three brothers that do not have nf. Two sisters that have nf.

Ronnie is one other reason I wanted this site to happen. I want to creat awearness of the type of cancer that took my brother’s life. We know it was nf releated. My post today is to ask you to keep watching for my tribute to my brother RONALD BIBBS. You will see for yourself what a kind man he was. I’ am happy to call him my brother. I take joy in that. Let me know you thoughts, and what you would like to see. Ronnie’s tribute comming soon.

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Today my family went to a Memorial Service for my brother Ronald Bibbs who died last September. It was held at Houston’s Odyessy Healthcare, the organization that took care of Ronnie when he was very sick. They did a terrific job in comforting us in that low point in our lives. Today we met a lot of people who lost someone they loved. When I saw all the people, I didn’t feel so alone. I knew then that others are hurting also. I though about a lovely song. CRY OUT TO JESUS. (THIRD DAY). The words in the song gives me comfort. I’m learning it helps to talk to your friends you have in your life now. And start enjoying every moment you have with your friends. One other thing that is helping me is expressing myself in writing. If anyone have tips that can improve writing skills or if you like to write. I would love to hear from you.

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