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i183123312_96166_4.jpgI’m so happy that I am meeting new friends, to share our stories with one another. I asked Katie’s mom Vanessa about the UK. She writes a lot of things I enjoyed reading. I wanted to share them with you. Read below. I’m looking forward to the video, which I hope to post here. Thank you Katie and Vanessa!

Hi Reggie

I have added links to Katie’s website and placed your website on there, we also know Kay and Lynzee who you have in your links. yes i think i agree with you. most of my family have nan and mum had it (she has sadly passed from breast cancer), two of my aunties have it, I have it, as well as my sister, her two children and my son George.

Very strong family history. Well what can i tell you about the UK, Katie has made you a little video of some of the sites she will try to send it to you tomorrow.

We drive on the left side of the road here, the driver seats on the right side of the car and most of the cars are manuals, where you have to change the gears your self, (i drive automatic though cos I’m lazy). We have some Very lovely country side views.

London has some cool places to visit, Buckingham place, tower of London, St Paul’s cathedral, fantastic west end shows in big posh theatres, if you get to act in the west end you know you have made it. I used to live in London and its very fast paste. probably equivalent to New york, and the living situation is the same, if your rich you could have a nice place to live, but if not its not so great to live in London.

I now live in Essex just 40 Min’s from London and its OK here, the kids all go to nice schools we have some lovely countryside and our town centre is pretty cool. I think your town centre is called downtown.

I don’t think us Brits seem as happy as you guys in the US, i have visited many times and you guys have so much faith and always seem to be smiling, (this is good)

I can give you a little run down on the difference in some of our words, here goes

Truck = Lorry

Diaper = Nappy

Pacifier = Dummy

Candy = Sweets

Cell phone = Mobile Phone

Gas = Petrol.

Chips = Chrisps

Fries = Chips

Pants = Trousers

Purse= Handbag

That’s all i can think of for now, Our laws are a little different also, Our Kids finish school at 16, you can drink alcohol at 18. Not Allowed to talk on your phone while your driving.

When i think of some more stuff i will let you know.

I hope you are having a good day

Vanessa & Katie xxx


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  1. That is a refreshing letter. Let’s see if I have all these differences figured out…….
    I take my manual shift lorry to towne centre to buy some nappy’s for my grandchild, while I’m out I decide to get some petrol for my manual shift lorry and while I’m there I get some chrisps to snack on and a couple of sweets. But I spill some petrol on my trousers and use my mobile phone (I’ll bet Paul Potts no longer sells them) that I had stored in my girlfriends handbag to call someone to see how dangerous this can be. Now I decide that I am more hungry than I thought so I want to get a burger and chips. I take off to eat and am still talking on my mobile phone (not purchased from Paul Potts) and get pulled over by the police. I think I need a dummy!!!!
    Your letter is fantastic. How was my story?

    Comment by Jerry T | July 16, 2007 | Reply

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