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Cindy Hahn and Reggie Bibbs, Texas Neurofibromatosis FoundationFor all of you who missed the NF SYMPOSIUM presented by the Texas NF Foundation, we will be posting the presentations online just as soon as we can convert them to the proper format for easy streaming. Unfortunately, I need to rely on the kindness of strangers to get this type of processing done but soon it will be done! Thank you Texas NF Foundation for allowing me to record video and take lots of photos to share on my website. It was a Saturday full of great fun, great friends and great information!!! Plus, I made a lot of new friends!!! If you have never gone to one before, I definitely recommend you attend the next one. AND CAMP CAMP THIS SUMMER IS A MUST!!!

SEPT 7 – 9, 2007
Burton, TX

The Texas NF Foundation is thrilled to bring you the 16th Annual NF Family Camp. The purpose of this camp is for families affected by NF to connect with one another in a place where our commonality is NF. It will be a time to learn and laugh as we make meaningful relationships with new friends and grow closer to our own families.

More info: http:/


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  1. Always with the beautiful women around you, at the ball game, now at the NF symposium!!! Man am I jealous,must be a tough life being so good-looking. Looking forward to seeing the videos. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Jerry T | May 7, 2007 | Reply

  2. Thanks Jerry. You know some body got to do it. Why not me. After all I’m the gut who dersives it.

    Comment by Reggie Bibbs | May 8, 2007 | Reply

  3. I still think it has to do something with that magnet and charm, good looks alone aren’t enough (that I know!!) (Blush, Blush)

    Comment by Jerry T | May 8, 2007 | Reply

  4. Ahh, Ok your right.

    Comment by Reggie Bibbs | May 8, 2007 | Reply

  5. The girls and I will be at camp.. My oldest daughter and I went last year it was a blast.

    Comment by mom2nfautism | May 10, 2007 | Reply

  6. That is great! I can’t promis, but I will try to be there.

    Comment by Reggie Bibbs | May 10, 2007 | Reply

  7. Reggie, its me John P. I was the one taking pictures at camp, NF Alumni and other things for Bob at the NF Foundation. Could not make it to the sysposium this year, but will be at camp as always. Hope to see you there at camp, hope you will be able to make it.

    Comment by JPTEX | May 11, 2007 | Reply

  8. John my friend, I rember you very well. I was wondering how I would get in contact with you. Its great hearing from you. I will do my best to go. If I go, I may not be able to stay the wole time. We will have to see how it works out. Looks like I have to go. Lots of people are asking me about if I would make it to CAMP. I will do my best.

    Comment by Reggie Bibbs | May 11, 2007 | Reply

  9. Hope this works, here is the web site for the 2007 camp.

    Comment by John P | May 19, 2007 | Reply

  10. Forgot to mention click on the photos link, there are the photos I took.

    Comment by John P | May 19, 2007 | Reply

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