neurofibromatosis cafe

A place to talk about NF, have fun and share.


I wanted to post this blog in hopes of getting people talking, And to get your thoughts on this topic. Those of us that have nf, and the chaining appearance that nf may has caused. Its something you have to live to really understand. I have learned something sense my video on youtube and my website. That is, if you just put it out there, then people will except it. If we let people see who we are and explain it we will be accepted. I never thought in a million years believe that I would have my picture on a website with my picture. The acceptance that I have received from people that have nf, and those that have never heard of nf, have been a tremendous support. So I encourage you. If you have nf or not its OK. Let people see who you are. If they accept you that is TERRIFIC! If not, it’s not you that have the problem. Don’t lose out. Someone may be helped by meeting you. Give it a try.


April 9, 2007 - Posted by | A MESSAGE FROM REGGIE, neurofibromatosis

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